Vegan, whole food, plant‑based recipes

I became vegan in 2018 after reading How Not to Die by Michael Greger. If you’re curious about healthy living and the impact food has on our body, I’d highly recommend it.

Here are a collection of recipes I’ve written. They’re all plant‑based and only use whole foods.


Homemade oat milk
The freshest oat milk you’ll ever taste. It uses 4 ingredients, take 5 minutes, and is a fraction of the cost to make compared to shop bought milk.

Green breakfast smoothie Favorite
This green smoothie is perfect for breakfast. It’ll make you feel fresh and alert, ready to start your day.

One of the most diverse foods we make. Throw in salads, wraps, sauces.

Italian Tomato Sauce
Once you know this, you’ll have dozens of recipes under your belt.

Mixed Bean Chilli
A family favorite. Flexible and ideal for batch cooking.

A vegan twist on the classic Italian spaghetti dish.