Last updated: November 2018

I’m Head of Design & Development at Conversion Rate Experts. I’ve got a degree in Computer Science and over a decade’s worth of experience designing and developing e-commerce websites for leading B2B and B2C businesses.

During this time I’ve worked on nearly all aspects of creating a successful website including wireframing, user experience, user interface design, and performance driven front-end development.


To help teams use modular CSS and best practices I helped create a lightweight front end framework. Chop Chop is an open source project. It creates a structured environment that combines popular methodologies such as BEM, atomic design and namespaces with technologies such as Sass and Gulp.

I am founder of Staffs Web Meetup. A monthly meetup hosting talks to a friendly bunch of 50 people. I’ve also founded Meetup of Meetup Organisers, a meetup for organisers to network and share ideas.

Here’s what I’m currently focused on.

About this website

This site is built on WordPress. My goal is to make it as fast as possible.

It uses a custom theme called System. Why named System? This website uses system fonts. On a Mac or iPhone you’ll see San Francisco, Android you’ll see Roboto and on Windows, you’ll see Segoe UI. I first saw it at Ampersand Conference in 2015 when Marcin Wichary from Medium demonstrated it.

All the code for this theme is on Github. It’s probably not in a state to use on your own website (without some tweaking) but feel free to have a nose around and use what you like.

There are a few WordPress plugins on the site. The ones that help me turbo charge my site are Autoptimize, WP Super Cache and WP Smush. Other plugins that deserve a shout out are Custom Post Type UIAdvanced Custom Fields, BackUpWordPress and The SEO Framework.

This site is hosted using Digital Ocean, configured using Serverpilot.

Soppy thanks

A big thanks to Gareth Joyce, Jake CobleyMarc Jenkins and Phil Wylie. Their passion for the web typifies why I love this industry. You should definitely check them out.

The biggest thanks goes to my girlfriend, Karen Uppal. I tinker far too much.