Updated on Apr 15, 2020  |  2 minute read

I’m Head of Design & Development at Conversion Rate Experts. I’ve got a degree in Computer Science and over a decade’s worth of experience designing and developing e-commerce websites for leading B2B and B2C businesses.

During this time I’ve worked on nearly all aspects of creating a successful website including wireframing, user experience, user interface design, and performance driven front-end development.

A photo of Dave

I am a keen photographer. My photos have been viewed over 11 million times and used by Adobe, Squarespace, Trello and Wix.

Here’s what I’m currently focused on.

About this website

See my style guide to find out about this website.

Soppy thanks

A big thanks to Gareth JoyceMarc Jenkins, Phil Wylie and everyone at Conversion Rate Experts. Their passion for the web typifies why I love this industry. You should definitely check them out.

The biggest thanks goes to my girlfriend, Karen Uppal—I tinker far too much.