Work with the garage door up

Published on Jun 06, 2020

I recently came across Andy Matuschak’s working notes. It’s a goldmine. One note that caught my eye was Work with the garage door up.

…it’s giving a lecture about the problems you’re pondering in the shower; it’s thinking out loud about the ways in which your project doesn’t work at all. It’s so much of Twitch. I want to see the process. I want to see you trim the artichoke. I want to see you choose the color palette.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by some of the world’s best copywriters. Watching them write is the highlight of my week. Learning from the finished product is hard but seeing how that came to exist—the process—provides a wealth of insights.

Remember to think out load, talk through issues, ask for feedback often, iterate quickly and work with the garage door up.

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