The real CSS has landed

Updated on Jun 07, 2020

It’s took a while, but it finally feels like CSS has matured to what it originally promised.

Gone are the days of clearfixes and floats, let alone transparent PNG fixes and weird browser specific selectors! Remember having to use a * at the beginning of selectors to target IE6 and below? If you’re in a reminiscent mood, here are some more.

We often hear the phrase ‘good old days’. I am glad the good old days are behind us! Good riddance! I’m not a religious person, so to reference something from the Bible it has to be good! Ecclesiastes 7:10:

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions.

Hello to a new era of CSS. It finally feels like it caters for our needs. The introduction of CSS calc, flexbox, nth child, just to name a few, are revealing the power of CSS and flexible layouts.

Responsive web design is what the web should have always been. Instead of mimicking other industries such as print, we’re now able to stand proud on our own two feet and innovate for a better web.

Internet Explorer is no longer a special case where we have to support several versions. Thanks to the introduction of other options, Internet Explorer’s majority has diluted down to a mediocre 12%, and that’s only if you include IE7 and IE8.

We often moan about the number of browsers on the market but it’s created a level playing field. For the most part they all behave the same. It’s forced browsers to keep up-to-date and include the new CSS features we’ve all been craving for. We can now focus on creating a better browsing experience instead of supporting quirky browsers.

The real web’s pretty awesome. I love real CSS.

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