Sometimes you just need to write

Updated on Jun 07, 2020

To procrastinate as much as I have is a skill. It has to be, else I have a big personality deficiency. Starting a blog is hard, especially when you work in the industry and you’re a designer. My fixation on look causes me to down tools and run for the nearest dark closet.

Recently Phil Wylie said to me:

Sometimes you just need to write.

I’ve always had a fear of not knowing what to write about. I have lots of experience in the web industry but there is always a niggle that someone else has covered that topic better than I could.

I recently listened to Unfinished Business, a podcast hosted by Andy Clarke. On this particular episode Jeremy Keith spoke about writing a blog for your future self and not worrying about what others think.

The web industry is a fast paced place (say that after a few drinks). We’re continuously learning new things, writing them down serves three purposes:

  1. It helps us focus our thoughts.
  2. To help remember how to do things.
  3. It acts as a reference for our future selves.

I think setting goals are important. They give focus and targets to strive for. So here are my goals for this website:

  1. To express my personal opinions on topics.
  2. To experiment, learn and develop my skills.
  3. A reference for myself.
  4. A place to focus my thoughts, allowing me to think more rationally.
  5. To enable me to write more.

Sometimes you just need to write, so hello! I’m Dave and this is me writing.