30 day writing (photo) challenge

Updated on Jun 07, 2020

I recently signed up to Marc Jenkins’ 30 day writing challenge. The challenge involves setting aside some time each day to write during April. There are over 100 people participating, writing articles on their own website or Medium about a variety of topics ranging from the web industry to personal health and even short stories.

Original goal

I originally set a goal of writing an hour a day and publishing two posts a week. My posts were going to revolve around the web industry, with a particular focus on design and front end development.

Unfortunately, as you can probably see, we are now three days into April and I don’t have anything to show. Writing is hard! I have been successfully writing each day, but unfortunately nothing post worthy has come from it. They either haven’t made the point I was originally aiming for or turned into a meandering ramble.

Changing my goal

This weekend I went to the second Visit Birmingham instameet. Over the past few months I’ve gone from a holiday snapper to keen amateur photographer. I’ve been trying to take photos each weekend and publish one a day on my Instagram feed.

While editing some photos today I had a light bulb moment – why not write about my photography? I take lots of photos of amazing buildings, objects and locations but never spend the time to learn more about the history behind them.

So, I have decided to change my goal. Starting tomorrow I will be posting everyday. Each post will contain one of my favourite photos with information about the building, object or location featured.

Head over to my photography section to see my posts.

Wish me luck!

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